Vape Age Verification Process

Why is age verification required to purchase vapes?

Age verification is essential to ensure that only those of legal age purchase vapes to protect minors from potential harm.

What is the legal age requirement to purchase vapes?

In most jurisdictions, the legal age requirement to purchase vapes is 18 years old to comply with regulations and prevent underage vaping.

How do we verify your age when purchasing vapes?

We will ask for your date of birth to verify your age during the checkout process and may ask you to provide additional identification for verification.

Can I purchase vapes for someone under the legal age?

No, it is illegal to purchase vapes for minors and we strictly enforce our age verification policy to prevent this type of behavior.

What happens if you fail the age verification process?

If you do not pass the age verification process, you will not be able to continue purchasing vapes on our platform until your age is verified.